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The Law Office of Micheau & Young is located in Cosmopolis, Washington. We practice primarily in Grays Harbor and Pacific County courts. We focus our practice on the legal needs of the everyday person. Primary areas of practice include criminal defense, family law, wills and probate, residential real estate transactions and small business matters.

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Jack Micheau - Law Office in Cosmopolis WA
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Jack Micheau

Jack is a life-long Harborite who returned to Aberdeen to practice law in 1983. Jack has handled all sorts of criminal defense matters ranging from simple speeding tickets to murder trials. Jack regularly handles all sorts of family law cases. He has considerable experience resolving cases involving high conflict personalities.

Jack has served on the Aberdeen City Council, the Aberdeen School Board, and numerous other boards of directors over the years. He has been certified as a family law and elder law guardian ad litem. He has served as Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem in the local District Court and Superior Court. Jack has been admitted to federal court for the Western District of Washington and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jack has prevailed in several appellate cases, including State v. Dykstra (limiting the ability of arresting officers to accompany a DUI detainee to his doorstep) and State v. Svensen (clarifying the Columbia River Compact and the jurisdiction of fisheries officers on the Columbia River).

Karrie Young

Ms. Young is also a native Harborite. She joined the firm in 2012. Karrie is a certified family law guardian ad litem and has also served as Court-Appointed Special Advocate. Karrie has considerable family law and criminal defense experience.